LG G4 peek

There isn’t much new to see of the G4’s externals, as we’ve pretty much seen the device from every angle possible at this point. But what we can gleam once again from the above image, posted by LG itself on the company’s Google+ page, is that the previous leaks were indeed legitimate renders of the upcoming handset.

As you can see above, the LG G4 will be shipping in at least one variant with a rear cover that’s “vegetable-tanned leather.” Other variants will be available as well, of course, but this one is being touted as “authentic luxury.”

LG has slowly been giving us details about the LG G4, including the recent tease of the phone’s 16-megapixel front camera with a 1.8 aperture alongside its 8-megapixel front shooter.

Other details were revealed as part of the big leak, though, including a 5.5-inch IPS QHD display, 8.9mm thinness, a removable 3,000 mAh battery, and an SD slot.

You can expect to hear more about the LG G4 over the coming weeks as LG will surely be teasing the phone more and more leading up to its announcement. But tune in on April 28th for the company’s official event.


Source: 9to5Mgoogle

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