iPhone 6C rear shell leaks

Image via Future Supplier

Some new photos posted by Future Supplier claim to show the leaked rear casing to the rumored “iPhone 6C.” Recent reports have said that the device will sport a 4-inch screen just like iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S, allowing it to appeal to those who prefer smaller displays over the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

While the veracity of these shots has not been confirmed, there are some interesting details to note that could give us some more clues about the design of the rumored device.

Image Via Future Supplier

On the bottom of the handset, there are changes to how the mic and speaker grilles are designed. On the current iPhone 6, there are six speaker holes on the left side of the Lightning connector (when the phone is face down), and one microphone opening next to the headphone jack.

On the 5C, there were only four speaker holes, but the design is otherwise the same.

The new photos of the supposed 6C, however, show eight speaker holes arranged in two rows on what looks to be a noticeably thicker body that is found on the iPhone 6. The microphone has also gained a few extra openings, with six cutouts now situated next to the headphone jack rather than just one. Like the speaker grilled, those circular cutouts are stacked in two rows.

It’s hard to say whether these images are real or fake just yet. While some of the changes seem to be a step backwards for Apple, like the seemingly thicker design and elongated camera flash, the redesigned audio grilles and the removal of the “camera bump” could indicate that it’s actually a step forward. It’s also entirely possible that this is simply one design Apple is considering, or an entirely fake shell.

Rumors of multiple next-gen iPhone models in varying sizes have been swirling for a while now, with some indicating that the 6S will receive Apple’s new Force Touch technology and be available in the color pink—though it doesn’t seem likely that the above photos are any indication of what that might look like on the higher-grade device.

Source from 9to5mac

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