Easy step on how to Identify your Mac Models

Identify your Mac by serial number

On Most Mac OS X, you can fine the serial number by going to Apple logo located on the top right of the desktop. Click About This Mac and a window will open. Depending on your Mac OS X version, you may not see your serial number right away. If that is your, you will need to click on more info.

Another way to view your Mac serial number is by looking below at the base of the unit. Model number is also located below. Example A1286, A1419 and so on.

Now you got the Serial Number, you can check the model by going to Apple website and check you services and coverage. Click "here" to view. Key in your Mac serial number and the will move you to the result page.

Knowing your model is one thing. But if you wish to send your Mac for repair, you not only have to know which Mac you are using but the model no. as well. Remember about the model number at the bottom of the case? Well for repair, we will need that to identify your Mac. If you can't read the model number anymore or can't find it, there another tip that we can share.

We will find a Model identify on your Mac. Click on the Apple logo on the top right and About This Mac. Again if you are using a holder Mac OS X, you will need to click on more info. Click on system report and they will open up a new window. Under Hardware Tab you will find Model Identifier. 

With the model Identifier, we will be able to help properly identify your Mac model and the part they are using as not all Mac are using the same parts.

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