Water Damage devices

Here is a quick emergency guide on how to handle your water logged / Drop in water devices.

What to do if your device is drop in water or come in contact with water?

Based on our experience, home techniques such as using hair dryer, putting your unit in uncooked rice etc will have small or no effect at all, in fact using hair dyer can blow the water residue in further to the logic board / motherboard, and also heat from the hair dryer can cause damage to the IC chips on board.

1. If your devices is still powered on, please switch if off immediately, remove battery if possible, this will prevent further short circuit on the motherboard.

2. Prevent from using home techniques such as, using hairdryer, putting in uncooked rice, this will only take little effect, instead of doing this, send your unit in for disassembly instead and access the damage as soon as possible.

3. The possibility of recovering the device depends on how long you take to bring it to a specialist instead of self remedy. The longer you wait the more mold from the residue will form and more rust will form.


Even though your device work after it came in contact with water, does not mean that it will stay that way, sometimes it takes time for the water residue to slowly spread through your motherboard and finally short circuit the board, please send it to a specialist to disassemble the unit and dry the unit throughly and clean the unit from water residue, spend a small amount of service charge just to disassemble and clean your unit instead of waiting and causing more damage.

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