what are the step that customer can do during this Circuit Breaker?

Dear Customer, Power Fix are still operating during this Circuit Breaker.
However customer are not able to walk-in. We will be doing a pickup and delivery services instead. A charge of $20 apply.

Here are the steps and details:

  • Customer may fill in the Google Forms 'Here'. We will then check what slots are available plan for a pickup and/or delivery.
  • Once the slot is been confirm, team will head down to pickup from customer house. No cable or accessories require unless you wish for us to test them as well.
  • Once all unit are collected, team will then bring unit back to office to login the unit and its details. Once done, we will whatapp customer a PDF copy of the repair forms to them.
  • Once the diagnose is done, we will contact customer regarding about the damage, charges and turn around time.
  • IF customer dont wish to proceed or unit cant be repair, then they will only need to pay for the pickup and delivery services only. Diagnose is free.
  • IF repair, we will contact customer when we can make the delivery.
  • When delivered, customer are highly recommend to pay us via Paynow. We will have the QR code for customer to scan. Or they can pay via bank transfer.
  • For customer that wish to send for warranty, will also require to require to used the pickup and delivery services. As warranty does not cover for this services.
  • #update 4/5/20 due to many customer contact us for status, we have place a link 'Here' for customer to check them self. 

If there any other question, customer may contact us @ 88915689

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