What to do during Circuit Breaker Phase 1?

Dear Customer, Power Fix are still operating during this Circuit Breaker and Phase 1.
However, customers are not able to walk-in until Phase 2. Everyone is required to stay home and we will be doing pickup and delivery services instead. A charge of $20 applies.

Here are the steps and details:

  • Customers may fill in the Google Forms 'Herefor pickup & delivery services.
  • Once the slot is been confirm, the rider or driver will contact the customer on their coming to pick up the unit from Home/office. No cable or accessories require unless you wish for us to test them as well.
  • Once all units are collected, the rider or driver will then bring the unit back to the office to log in the unit and its details. Once done, we will Whatsapp customer a PDF copy of the repair forms to them.
  • The unit will be in the queue for diagnosing.
  • Once the diagnose is done, we will contact the customer regarding the damage, charges, and turn around time.
  • If customers don't wish to proceed or unit cant be repair, then they will only need to pay for the pickup and delivery services only ($20). Diagnose is free and there are no repair charges for the unit that can't be repaired.
  • IF repair, we will contact the customer when we can make the delivery.
  • When delivered, customers are highly recommended to pay us via Paynow. We will have the QR code for customers to scan, use the UEN or they can pay via bank transfer.
  • For customer that wish to send for warranty, will also require to used the pickup and delivery services. As the warranty does not cover these services.
  • customers may self collect their units that were collected during Circuit Breaker once we have entered Phase 2. Do take note that customers will still have to pay $10 for the pickup.
  • due to many customers contact us for status, we have place a link 'Here' for customers to self check them. 

If there any other question, customers may contact us @ 88915689

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