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Power Fix will be adding some video to verify the most common damage for Game Console. 


  • Different between PS4 BLOD issue and auto off with blue light
  • Cant Power on issue
  • Auto eject issue
  • Hdmi / Display IC issue
  • Auto off issue
  • Cant read games
  • Stuck at safe mode
  • unable to connect the controller

Xbox One

  • Cant power on
  • can power on but no display
  • Green Screen
  • Cant connect to controller or wifi
  • unable to read games
  • Slow system

Nintendo Switch

  • Cant Power on
  • Unable to Charge
  • Unable to go Dock Mode
  • Unable to connect to Joycon
  • No Display
  • Error Message
  • Unable to read game card
  • Stuck @ Nintendo logo or no display after logo

and more...

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