Why is my mac running so slow?

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There can be various reason why your mac starts running slow. Some of these can be app-related- especially software that has autosave option enable. Other issue could be due to running processor on heavy usage software or that require more RAM then what is currently install. Lets take a look at some option that can help solve the issue.


1. Application > Utilities > Disk Utility.app

Check S.M.A.R.T status and make sure its verified and take a look at how much space you've got left in the hard drive. A nearly full hard drive will slow down, make sure that your hard drive has enough space. Its recommended to have at least 10% of free space, getting about 25% is better for optimum performance. If you have less space then that, think about backing up your data to a external hard drive.


Apple disk utility


2. Application > Preferences > User & Groups

View what is running and what program/software is consuming the most speed. Select any obviously unnecessary resource hogs and hit 'Quit Process'.


3. >System Preferences > User & Groups

How many program/software are running in your 'Login Items'? Remove any unwanted start up program/software that you don't wish to auto start when you log in mac account.


4. Have your download any program/software such as Mackeeper or Anti-Virus?

Remove them, as they will run scan on what ever folder, data, program/software that you run.


5. Have you recently upgrade your OS and are you using Time Machine?

If you have recently upgrade your Mac OS or turn off not long after upgrading it, perhaps Spotlight is still indexing or Time Machine is still updating. Eventually, it will finish and return to normal. Its best to let the system run for at least 24 hours if you have just upgrade it.


6. Have you repair system permissions after upgrading?

Even though upgrading should fix the system permissions, if you add any other 3-rd party program/software or restoring something from Time Machine, its best to repair permission. Doing so is harmless, rules out permissions as a possible factor of poor performance. Unless any are indicted in red type, don't panic about the permission errors that come up in the 'details' window - many of these can be safely ignored.

7. Clear out your caches

Caches, in general, help to speed your computer up. However, if you're a heavy internet browser and you've never cleared your caches or your history, then this is worth doing from time to time. You can clean off system caches by using Onyx.


8. Is the system running slow while running on one program or multiple program?

A couple of thing could be going on here. If its your browser, try killing some of those extensions/add-on every one of them slow you down just that little bit, and many slow you down a lot. another possibility is a corrupt 'plist' or preference file associated with a particular software/program. Fixing this is a bit more tricky and requires knowing your way around hidden Library folder. 


9. Even after going through the above and your mac is still slow?

The last few thing that can be the reason that its running slow will be the RAM, Hard Drive or Hard Drive cable. Ram has a wear and tear level, depending on usage. Hard drive has a high chance of being cause. Remember step 1? If S.M.A.R.T fails, chances you are using a bad Hard Drive. Best to backup your data and replace the drive. Had Drive cable and rare to spoilt but we do encounter cases that the cable is not working well.


We do hope that this tips help remedy your slow mac issues.
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