Macbook Pro Retina making noise

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Are you using a Apple Macbook Pro Retina and there a strange sound coming from your Mac?
Don't worry you not the only one having this issue. There are user clamming that this issue are coming from the Logic Board.
Close but still not close enough. Its the FAN that making the noise. Macbook Pro Retina has two Fan place inside for the 15" model and one for the 13" model. 

Macbook Pro 13" Uni Retina Logic Board Bottom Layout

Macbook Pro 13" Uni Retina Logic Board Bottom Layout


From the picture above, you can see that there the 13" has one Processing Fan and 15" has two. The more graphics and program or apps you are using, the more heat is generated. When more heat is generated, the fan speeds up to help and cool down the unit.
There are case where unit goes as high as 100ºC. well if your is under warranty, best to bring it down to Apple services center. If its out of warranty, well you can always drill holes just like this mac below.

It does work and help the heat escape better. Don't try to this at home unless you dare. Another method you can used is using Mac Fan Control. Monitor, adjust and control your Macbook Fan speed. Lastly, you can always bring it to us @ Power Fix to help repair & services your MacBook Pro. We offer free diagnose for your Mac's. If you have any enqiure, you may contact us 88233093 / 92424497

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