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Apple Macbook Repair

We provide repair services on faulty Macbook logicboards, offering similar quality as Macbook Service Center and many more.

Bios Password 240 SGD
*Cannot detect Harddisk 290 SGD
Hardware Auto Restart 290 SGD
Logicboard Heating Hot 290 SGD
No Power 290 SGD
Power On No Display 290 SGD
System Stuck at Apple Logo 290 SGD
System Slow 280 SGD
Vga Radeon Nvidia Problem 290 SGD
Waterdamage Starting from 20 SGD ++
*Cannot use Wifi (not Airport Error) 180 SGD

Apple Macbook Sparepart

We replace spare parts/do upgrades for Macbook, Macbook Retina, and other hardware repairs such as cracked LCDs, or dead pixels in LCD for Macbooks, and Macbook bloated or spoilt battery, and many more.

New Battery Original - 240 SGD
Casing A (Front casing) One set with Lcd*
Casing B (Bezel) -
Casing C (Keyboard side) 240 SGD w Casing C
Casing D (Bottom cover) 60 SGD
Fan 70 SGD
Front Glass One set with Lcd*
Keyboard 190 SGD
Hdd with OS One set with logicboard*
Hinge 60 SGD
LCD/LED Retina LCD plus glass - 580 SGD Top System include backlight and casing A - 700 SGD
Logicboard 1ghz - 600 SGD 1.1ghz 640 SGD - 1.2ghz - 680 SGD
Magsafe Connector 80 SGD
Memory Upgrade One set with logicboard*
Speaker 70 SGD
Super Drive -
Touchbar 120 SGD
Wifi module 100 SGD

Apple Macbook Service

We provide technical support services for Macbook, Macbook Retina repair and software repairs such as Macbook data recovery and many more.

Configuration for Lion Server & Window Server Data Application 250 SGD
Macbook Data Recovery Software - 70 SGD Hardware - 150 to 300 SGD CleanRoom SSD Service - 500 to 1000 SGD
Reinstall new OS 20 SGD
Software Auto Restart 40 SGD
Software Errors Problem 40 SGD
Software Optimization 40 SGD

Apple Macbook Accessories

We provide repair services on faulty Macbook logicboards, offering similar quality as Macbook Service Center and many more.

Bottom casing rubber Macbook 40 SGD
Bottom casing screw Macbook One set - 15 SGD one screw - 4 SGD
Casing Plastic A + D 35 SGD
Full skin protector (casing A + C + D) 30 SGD
Keyboard protector (12 color) 10 SGD
Keypad sticker for casing C (silver) 8 SGD
Lcd screen protector 10 SGD
Magsafe Adaptor Original 6 months warranty 60W - 75 SGD 29W USB C - 95 SGD
Mini Dvi to dvi/hdmi/vga Dvi - 60 SGD Hdmi - 55 SGD Vga - 45 SGD
Lightning to dvi/hdmi/vga Dvi - 60 SGD Mini Dvi - 70 SGD Hdmi - 65 SGD Vga - 55 SGD
Stylish sticker for casing A 15 SGD
Stylish sticker for casing A + D (silver) 20 SGD

*note: Price of Replacing the Sparepart - 15 SGD
All prices no labor cost & GST. Price is nett
Pickup delivery - $20 island wide.
Pickup and delivery back the next day unless the motherboard repair
Any Laptop 1TB HDD replacement $90 with install OS, add $10 to clone

Service include :

  • Free Diagnostic
  • Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty
  • Warranty Provided
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • High-Quality Parts
  • Certified Technicians

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