Gaming Laptop Repair Services

Gaming Laptop Repair Services
Having some technical problems with you Windows Gaming Laptop / Desktop such as, unable to power on, water damage, graphic issue,etc?

We at Power Fix have the solution just for you. Our IT specialists are here to help remedy your unfortunate device.

We also provide upgrade, Data Recovery, data transfer, SSD, etc.

For any enquiries/quotation - We really mean ANYTHING - from small Software/Update issue to Water Spillage/Cant Power on or a simple question, feel free and do not hesitate to ring us up @ 68037964 / 88233093

or simply fill in the "Quotation Form"Here".  


Power Up! Services

In need of your unit urgently? We provide Express services for diagnose and repair.(*$50 charges apply) 

Scroll down to view some of the common Services that we do.



Repair Services

Problems/ Damages


Price Guide

LCD / LED Screen Replacement

Gaming Laptop Screen Crack Repair Services
No backlight
Screen Crack
Line on screen
No display
Damaged inverter
Improper closing of laptop
Wear and tear
Short circuit

 10" LCD: *

11" LCD: *

13" LCD: S$120

14" LCD: S$150

15" LCD: S$180

10" LED: *
11" LED: *
12" LED: S$130 - S$150
13" LED : S$150 - S$180
14" LED: S$180
15"LED: $220 - S$250
*Contact us for more info.  

Keyboard Replacement

Unable to Press keys at Times
Missing Keyboard Keys
Wear and tear
Water spillage
Improper usage
Keyboard only: S$60 - S$80
Keyboard + Body( C case): S$180 - $280  

Logic Board / Graphic Card Repair

Can't "Power on"
No display
Unknown start ups
Screen distortion
Blue Screen
Auto Restart
Wear and tear
Short circuit
Water spillage
Over heat
Chips damage
Graphic IC damage
Power IC : $250-$280
Graphic IC : $250-$280
Logic Board: $250-$280
Water Damage : *
 Power Supply : $80-$380
Graphic IC : $120-$1000++
Logic Board: $280-$500++
*Contact us for more info.

OS & Software issue

Software Error
Incomplete update
Unable to boot in OS
Missing system files,
Forced Shut-down,
Improper system update,
Hardware issue 
Reformat: $30
Password Reset: $40
Software Related issue: $30

RAM Replacement

Unable to detect RAM
Beeping Sound
Slow running system
Wear and Tear
Faulty RAM chip
2GB: *
4GB: *
8GB: *
*Contact us for more info of the price and Stock availability. 

HDD Upgrade / Replacement

Increase HHD space
Faulty hard drive
System running slow
Click of death
Wear and tear
Low storage
500GB HDD: *
1TB HDD: *
2TB HDD: *
SSD: *
*Contact us for more info of the price and Stock availability. 

Battery Replacement

Unable to charge
Bloated battery
Used up battery lifespan
Water spillage
Short circuit
Too much heat contact
3 Cell Battery: *
6 Cell Battery: S$60 - S$90
8 Cell Battery: *
Internal Battery: *

Power Adaptor / Charger

Unable to charge
Unable to "Power on"
Wear and tear
Short circuit
Power Adaptor: $45 - $85