Sony PlayStation 5 Console Repair Services

Has your gaming life come to a halt because of faulty equipment? Let us help you with your video game console repair. Our technicians can locate the problem with your PlayStation 5 and get it ready for your next gaming adventure.

Why try and troubleshoot the problem with your console? Getting your console repaired has never been easier. No more guessing what the problem is or trying to repair it yourself regardless of your console model. We offer affordable repair service you can rely on.

We understand that you like to play as hard as you work, and your competitive spirit needs the next challenge that your game console has to offer.

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PS5 Console Repair Services


Overheat / BLOD
(Blue Light of
Repair Cost: 


Wifi / Bluetooth Repair
Repair Cost:

Processor Fan Replacement:
Replacement Cost:
HDMI + Display IC(No Display issue) Replacement
Repair Cost: 


Logic Board Repair
Repair Cost:
Logic Board Replacement: $580


Blu-Ray Drive Replacement
Replacement Cost: 

Power Supply Replacement



Dual Sense Controller

Adaptive Trigger Spring Replacement:

Analog Module Replacement: